What is Culinary DNA?

It is a document that consists of 3 main Chromosomes, the Target Chromosome that describes the consumer of the product or concept, the Product chromosome that describes the characteristics of the product and the place it occupies within the category and the Brand Chromosome that describes the characteristics and brand guidelines within the market.

What is a Flavor Map?

The Flavor Map is a vector operation obtained by separating and qualifying in its 5 components a flavor + its temperature and Chimesthesis; It gives us information on where is this flavor for the consumer? and with what other flavors can be related, in this way we can systematically generate content that

a) Complement the flavor

b) Enhance its flavor

c) Cover its flavor

d) Combine its flavor

What is an attribute map of a recipe?

A map of attributes of a recipe consists of 5 aspects that affect the perception of a product or dish, Mechanical Properties, Physicochemicals, Flavors, Chimesthesis and Temperatures, unlike a flavor map, this map allows us to look at food more beyond taste

What is Adaptive Innovation?

It is a series of methodological steps for the development of ideas and concepts, with sufficient scientific rigor to acquire consistency, this type of innovation is a circular process that is redefined and adapted to the changing needs of the reference point (Market, product, consumer) .

What is a framework?

A Framework is the basis under which concepts or ideas are developed, in Coma and Punto, our Framework consists of 6 Megatrends (Science, Pleasure, Technology, Economy, Sustainability and Health) and 4 Forces (Future, Past , Present, Motivator) that allow us to create strategies (Motive, Must, Grow, Win).

What is an adoption cycle?

In all the innovation processes there is a product adoption curve, in an adoption cycle the ingredients and products when they enter the market enter a process in which they are first unknown and this is called Adoption, until they are accessible in almost any point of sale.

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